5 Programs to Read Comics and Manga from your PC

Over the years, each new technology that emerges has replaced its predecessor. For example, MP3 replaced CD, and streaming services like Netflix have replaced DVD. In the case of manga and comics something very similar happens, although many believed that electronic books would replace paper, and it is something that has happened, but this has not yet happened completely.

best programs to read comicsJust because the printed comic still stands, it doesn’t mean that electronic comic readers are in short supply. In case you are a reader of comics in CBR format, and you are wondering which are the most useful programs that can help you enjoy a good read, in this article you will find the answer. We will be talking about 5 programs with which you can read comics and manga from your computer.

What is the CBR and CBZ format?

In order to present the best programs that allow reading comics, we must make it clear what the CBR and CBZ formats are. Just as Ebooks have a reading format, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and many others, digital comics and manga have their own, such as CBR and CBZ. The first 2 acronyms of this type of format stand for Comic Book and, more than formats, basically, CBR and CBZ are file extensions.

This is because each one is assigned to a compression or boxing format. In other words, the file extensions CBR correspond to the compression of RAR files; while the CBZ file extensions correspond to the compression of ZIP files. In addition, other types of extensions are also available, such as CTB, CB7 and CBA.

These types of files are very particular. If we try to decompress them with a ZIP or RAR file application, we will only find in them a sequence of numbered images. On the contrary, if we open the file extension with a specialized reader program for CBR or CBZ format, we will be able to enjoy an orderly reading on several pages, such as printed comics.

Best free and paid programs to read comics

Enjoying a good comic is more pleasant when we have a quality program that allows us to read the content. Anyone may wonder which is the best app for reading comics on CBR. Many years ago, when these types of formats were created to read comics, there was only one application capable of doing so. 

On the other hand, there are currently an infinity of applications that can perform this service. All of these are available on the internet, and we can find comic viewers available for computers with Windows, Linux, Android devices, and many other operating systems. 

In addition, not only are free versions available, but also paid versions, which have many options available that improve the reading experience. If you want to know which is the best comic reader program for Windows, then we will present a list of the best apps you can use.

1. CDisplay Ex

We can say that this is one of the best programs for Windows in order to read comics. In addition to being one of the most popular, it is also one of the oldest, as the CBR and CBZ file extensions were originally designed to be read with this app. It strives to provide the highest possible efficiency in a free, lightweight program.

In its tools, there are many options available for use. In addition to multiple commands that we can execute through the keyboard. On the other hand, it has available an innovative technology capable of carrying out a good resizing, and a manga mode configuration, which is capable of reading this type of comics from back to front. So it is an excellent option that we can use if we want to view the comics of our choice.

How to download CDisplay Ex?

In order to download this very useful program, we must enter its official website. To access CDisplay Ex, just click here. And once we enter the web page, we can see a description of the program, which describes it as the best comic reader program for Windows. 

Along with the description, we will see a button that allows you to download the program for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. So we can choose the type of download according to the capacity of our computer. In addition, it is not only available for Windows, but it has a version available for Android devices, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

2. GonVisor

This is a program with which we can view any kind of comics or books that are available in CBR and CBZ format. It is available for the Windows operating system and has been created in order to open and view image sequences, both from comics and manga. It is even capable of opening comic files that may have a password.


Its appearance and operation is very simple, and it has multiple tools that improve the program’s quality of experience. In addition, it is available in many languages, so that people around the world can benefit from the tool. And best of all, it’s available to download for free.

How to download GonVisor?

In order to enjoy all the tools and advantages that GonVisor offers, we can make a free download. On the other hand, an advantage of downloading Gonvisor is that it will be done in a few seconds, since the self-extracting file (.EXE) that performs the installation on the computer is very light.

If you want to download this app to read comics on CBR, the first thing you should do is click on this link. Once you are on the GonVisor download page, you will be presented with different download options. 

Download files for Windows are available on the website, and it is available for other systems such as Linux, Mac, and Solaris. So we can choose the download file according to the software we have on the PC. And once we have downloaded it, we can install it safely on our computer.

3. MComix

It is a viable option in case you have a Linux operating system, however, it has a version available for Windows. It is an application very similar to CDisplay Ex, and has been created in order to provide excellent quality in the visualization of comics and manga on computers. 

In addition to reading the most popular comic formats, such as CBR and CBZ, it is also capable of viewing PDF, ZIP, RAR files and many others. It has an intelligent display capable of facilitating a good reading across the screen. Therefore, if you have a Linux computer, MComix is ​​the best option to use to watch your favorite electronic comics.

How to download MComix?

If you have a Linux computer and want to download it directly, you can enter the official MComix site by clicking here. Clicking on the download button will start the saving process on your computer’s system. In this way, once it is downloaded, we can install on our computer one of the best options available to us to read comics and manga.

4. ComicRack

Among many of the alternatives that we have available to view files with CBR and CBZ format we can highlight ComicRack. Which is a program that adapts to any circumstance and to any device. It is capable of opening different comics in different tabs, and it is a tool that can keep track of our reading. So, if for any reason we stop reading, when we pick up on another occasion, we will continue where we left off. 

comic rack

It is also available for smartphones with Android software. And, if you use this version combined both in the desktop version and in our phone we can have the comics synchronized between both devices. Therefore, it is a recommended option that we can use.

How to download ComicRack?

It has a free and paid version, and on mobile devices we can get it on Google Play and iOS. In case you want to download the desktop version, you can access the website by clicking on this link.

This is a web page whose maintenance is continuous. Therefore, in case you cannot enter the site because it is under maintenance, you just have to wait patiently. But its mobile version is available to download at any time from the app store.

5. YACReader

To conclude, if you are looking for the best app to read comics on CBR, you have a very useful application available, named YACReader. Thanks to this PC program, we can read and organize our comics and manga in the best possible way. It is available for any computer operating system, such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

With this application compatible with any comic format, we can make a comfortable and pleasant reading at any time. Its interface and design are very pleasant for the user, and its operation is very practical. So you can download it at any time to start benefiting from it.

How to download YACReader?

In order to download this very useful application, we must enter the YACReader website, which we can enter by clicking here. Once we enter the page, we must click on the large download button that is in the middle of the screen. After doing that the download of the program will start and we will be able to install it on our computer, and then start reading comics and manga.

As we can see, the applications that we have available to enjoy reading manga and comics are innumerable. Getting a CBR comic reader from internet is very simple and practical. We hope that these applications for PC can be very useful when it comes to enjoying our favorite comics.

And if you also would like to read in other devices, check our analysis of the best 5 apps to view comics on Android and iOS.

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