Thanos The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

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Thanos the Infinity Gauntlet PDF

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Spanish Language
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pdf format

Comic Thanos The Infinity Gauntlet: Thanos, an alien demigod who was born millennia ago on one of Saturn’s moons: Titan. He was born a deformed child among a quality where physical notoriety was the order, and it would soon be revealed that the malformations of the cub of the King of Titan, the auspicious Mentor, were not exclusively superficial.

From a very young age, Thanos experienced an impressive illusion for Death and in the extreme soon he would offer his refined his first sacrifice, the existence of his trough. The graduation narrates how Thanos collects the Infinity Gems to save the company that committed Death, annihilate the fraction of the globe.

When Thanos goes to observe the slaughter, it denies him, judging him too bourgeois for her. Thanos tries to please her by creating a colossal keep, but it is not enough. So, Thanos decides to kill half of space, creating cataclysms as an eradication between the Kree and the Skrull.

Thanos manages to set the honor of the six jewels giving him a performance that even Death itself manages to scare away. While on Earth, Adam Warlock he begins to resurrect and demand a crutch from the earthly gods. When Thanos manages to eclipse himself to half space, the battle begins. But … how to overthrow the omnipotence?

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