Logan The Warlord

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Spanish Language
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Comic Logan The Warlord: In the early 1960s, Logan conducted several transactions with Carol Danvers. In one circumstance he rescued Carol from Lubyanka’s seclusion in Moscow. It seems that during those dates he still worked with Nick Fury.

During the Cold War, Logan served in an elite corps of the CIA close to Victor Creed and Rebelde. The trio strives for daring counterintelligence acquisitions, apparently working with them in addition to other assets such as Mastodon or Specter.

On November 6, 1963, Logan was in Cuba with Creed. Where they were attacked by Cuban mercenaries presiding over Silver Fox. Shortly afterwards he returned to Cuba near Specter (with the nickname Falcon), Mastodon and Creed had to win a Soviet primordial missile, which produced a confrontation with Silver Fox.

In 1967 he was ordered to ambush the Soviet seed of Tyuratam and apiolate the astronaut Red Epsilon, a virile genetically modified to survive the vacuum of the ether.

Creed prevented that it killed it, nevertheless it assassinated to the aristocrat of this one to cold slaughter. He would later face Omega Red in Berlin with Creed and Rebel. The preaching would be almost a complete setback and they managed to survive due to the intervention of Specter.

During the term of the job, Creed assassinated Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent in Berlin, which caused a heated discussion between the two and their separation.

Then Creed swore that some term would kill Logan Wolverine yesterday to get the X-men and even a priori of Project Weapon X. The strangest enemy that Logan has conserved, to defeat him he will have to expose the horse inside. To do so, he must come in a balloon where the certainty was as strange as the landscape … Howard Mackie and John Paul Leon offer us this peculiar description of the wealthy Canadian mutant in his most remote past.

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