Inhumans Vol. 1 (1941)

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Comic Inhumans Vol 1

See Comic Inhumans Vol 1 (1941)

Spanish Language
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pdf format

Comic Inhumans Vol 1: Inhumans are the descendants of a Kree test. About 25,000 years ago the Kree attempted to draw up a caste of earthly superhuman warriors to grapple with disputes Kree.

Scientists managed to engineer a few superhumans, yet they were dirty in their wake. That community wandered through Europe and Asia after reclining on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, the Island of Attilan. Over the continuous millennia, the family developed an advanced partnership and technology.

At that time they found the young Atlantean Empire, but they maintained their schism. Inhuman civilization developed a high technological level, especially in the genetics pavilion. So much so that they constituted a genocracy, a serene government for the genetically useful.

The Inhumans discovered the Tergen Mist very early. Due to the process of the fosca, exuberant rustic ones suffered deformations. This produced discrimination against those who did not have a human appearance.

As a consequence of them, the rebellion led by Gral took place, who, after defeating, forced everyone to hang on to the Territory Mist. Thus, 75% of Inhumans they developed non-human looks. The proclamation to the grave of successive reproductions increased the genetic diversity of the violent state. People ended up being forked in “Mutation fields” according to their stamp.

When Auran deposed Gral, he ended his separatist policy and celebrated the diversity of the Attilanos by baptizing his people as the Inhuman class.

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