What is Comixology? – Everything you need to know

Many pages that have emerged on the internet and that have become famous have benefited thousands of people, in addition, many years must pass before they are forgotten. Pages such as Amazon, Netflix and many others, which remain prominent on the network due to the subscribers or consumers they have. A page that we want to talk about and is an example of this, is Comixology.

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In more than one way similar to the Netflix of comics, Comixology is a website that is well known to people around the world. Thanks to this platform, thousands of people have been able to find quality comics quickly and safely. If you want to know more about Comixology, in this article we will talk deeply about this very useful website.

What is Comixology?

It is a website founded in July 2007 that is responsible for digitally distributing thousands of copies of comics. Among which, its highest number of downloads was approximately 200 million comics in the period of 2013. In its extensive catalog, it offers more than 100,000 comics and manga available for computers, Android phones, iOS, or online reading.

Using this service, you can find digital comics of all kinds, in which we can see or buy copies of publishers, self-sufficient authors and the classics of Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Its content is updated daily, and includes the newest titles that have hit the market. 

In this way, thanks to this large virtual library, comics and manga can be preserved through the years thanks to the digital format. One of the advantages of this service is that, as it is a streaming system, we can view the content in comics completely online. In some cases, the download may be available, but in others, it can only be viewed online.

If you want to enter the Comixology website, you just have to click here. And you will be able to visualize a wide content of comics and manga that are there. On its home page, we can find a search bar and different categories in which we can easily find the comic that we are searching for.

On the other hand, since it is an online comic streaming service, each person’s account cannot be shared with another. In this way, the user who makes a purchase must be the same user who owns the account. The total cost of subscribing to the website is $ 5.99 per month, and the page sometimes does offer a discount. 

The Comixology website also has an official application available for phones with Android and iOS software. So, if we want to take our favorite comics anywhere we go, we only have to look for the app in our cell phone store and install it on the phone. This way, we will have the wide catalog that is in Comixology on our mobile devices.

Who owns Comixology? 

Every successful website must belong to a domain, company or individual. And in the case of Comixology, this site has been owned by Amazon since April 2014, when it became a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant. Although it was originally created in 2007 by CEO David Steinberger, John D. Roberts and Peter Jaffe. 

After it won a business plan contest, the company received monetary help from Kit McQuiston, the New York Angels, and Rose Tech Ventures. Later, due to the fame that the company received, it catapulted itself as one of the best websites that allows you to enjoy reading comics.

In 2016, Comixology launched a spin-off initiative, called Comixology Unlimited, in which subscribers could enjoy the thousands of comics that would be available. Among the main companies that would be available in Comixology Unlimited would be: Image Comics, Dark House, BOOM Studios, and many others. However, the companies Marvel Comics and DC Comics would not be included in this web portal.  

On a monthly basis, all the content that is available on the site is updated. And according to the company, Comixology Unlimited is the digital giant that offers the most comics available to its subscribers. Becoming the largest digital comic provider company in the world. In addition, on multiple occasions, it has been announced that the expansion of the company to many parts of the world is in mind.

In 2018, another subsidiary derived from Comixology was announced, which would be Comixology Originals. This is a project whose purpose would be to launch to the public the titles that belong to the original authors. Allowing in this way that copyright laws are respected. 

In which countries is it available?

In order to access Comixology, it is necessary to have an Amazon account. If you have one, you’ll only have to access the website or download the application to start using it. As we have already mentioned before, there are 2 types of Comixology accounts, which are:

  • The Standard account, in which the membership is free but the comics found in its catalog must be purchased. 
  • The Unlimited account, in which the membership must be purchased, but the infinite number of digital comics it presents are free.

Unfortunately, Comixology Unlimited is only available for the United States. But it has been reported on several occasions that they hope to expand their horizons and reach more countries, including European ones. 

On the other hand, although the cost of this platform with abundant comics costs $ 5.99 per month, it currently has a practical option. Which allows users to subscribe for a trial month, in which the experience is completely free during that period of time.

Although Comixology Unlimited is only available for the United States, its standard version, like Comixology, is available for other geographical areas. The only disadvantage is that since it is a website that is in English, the comics that it presents are also in this language. However, if we master this language easily, we will have no problems enjoying the content that is in the standard version of Comixology.

Can you download free comics from this website?

As already mentioned, Comixology is a website in which you must have an account in order to enter and enjoy the content. We can choose if we want a Standard account or an Unlimited account. In both cases, we must pay a certain amount of money, either for the account or for the comics. 

Free comics in comixology

If you are not from the United States, you will have to limit yourself to the standard account, in which the subscription is free and the comics must be purchased. However, it is available on this web portal, a section where you can download free comics. In this section, although there are mostly limited comics, they are of very good quality.

Almost always, in this free section there are some previews of a certain miniseries, there are also the first numbers of a comic, etc. However, despite the fact that it is free material, they are comics of excellent quality, and in turn, these will be an appetizer to the rest of the comics that are in the catalog.

In case you want to read the comics that are presented in the free section of Comixology, you can click on this link. Once we enter this section, we can find hundreds of free comics, which we can find by categories or by a specific search for the stories of our choice. 

Moreover, although the free comics turn out to be very good and of excellent quality, they turn out to be very limited editions. For this reason, it is preferable to use the standard section of the website, in which we can have unlimited access to thousands of comics. The fact that Comixology is called The Netflix of Comics indicates that the content it offers is very complete and of high quality.

Some Comics and Sagas available for download

With the payment of $ 5.99 per month you will have a large amount of editorial content for granted in Comixology. Some of the companies that are available are: Image Comics, Dark House Comics, BOOM Studios, IDW Publishing, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, and the classic and popular Marvel Comics and DC Comics. However, the latter two are not available in the Comixology Unlimited version. 

In addition to the publishing houses, you can also see various titles available on Comixology, among which we can highlight: 

Transformers, Hellboy, Archie, Alita, Captain Marvel, The Walking Dead, The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Superman, Green Lantern, Batman: Three Jokers, etc. In addition to multiple kinds of manga, such as Wakfu, Dofus, or the Japanese versions of Transformers and Justice League, among others. 

In addition, it should be noted that there are also various comic events available, such as Civil War or Infinity Gauntlet in the case of Marvel Comics. And multiple re-releases, like, for example, The New 52 or Rebirth, in the case of DC Comics. The site is constantly updated to provide the latest comics and sagas.

In case someone who does not have much experience in terms of comics enters the website, on the home page there is a section intended for this type of people. In this section, you will find the comics most downloaded and readed by most people. In addition, it presents an experience that is pleasant and attractive for the first time visitor to the page.

As we have discussed so far, the advantages that Comixology brings are innumerable, so we can use their services with confidence. Thanks to its extensive catalog of publications, we can enjoy countless benefits on this website. 

We hope that all this information is very useful when it comes to reading and buying the best comics. If we take full advantage of the tools that are available to us, such as Comixology, we can enjoy the best quality in electronic comics.

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