Compilation of the 25 Best Mangas to Download

The creation and distribution of comics has been one of the largest productions that has been seen around the world for years. Thousands of people have been fans of comics, and this includes those living in both the eastern and western regions of the planet. In the case of the Japanese, they have a particular kind of comic, which is Manga.

What is Manga?

The word Manga is the Japanese word used to designate comic strips. In many countries, this term is used to refer to the type of comics used in Japan and to refer to the type of drawing used in this class of comics. Along with American and French-Belgian comics, Japanese comic books have been placed as one of the three major comic book traditions throughout the world. 

differences between manga and comic

Thanks to the existence of the manga, it has been possible to make other adaptations. Among these are the animated series, which are usually known by the name Anime. Movies with live actors, video games, and novels have also been made. 

The first stories of Manga

Who created the term Manga, was a well-known Japanese painter, called Hokusai Katsushika. This man gave union to the terms Man, that means informal; and Ga, which means drawing. In this way, Manga could be literally translated as informal drawings, in other words, they would be doodles. 

In its early days, this type of art combined the kind of drawings of the 11th century Japan and the influence of comic strips that already existed in the 18th century in the western regions of the world.

The most downloaded Mangas in history

If a comic becomes famous, it is bought in physical format by thousands of people, and it is very likely that it will also be searched in electronic format. For this reason, we can mention some of the best-selling manga in history in physical and electronic terms.

    • One Piece: It has more than 450 million copies that have been sold, thus, it has become one of the most downloaded manga in electronic format. And every year, the number of people who buy copies of this Manga increases.
    • Astroboy: Its popularity spanned between 1951 and 1968 and its Anime version debuted on television in 1963. In this way, it was catapulted as the first Japanese animated series to gain worldwide fame. 
  • Dragon Ball: This is a manga that was published between 1984 and 1995. This Japanese comic has sold more than 160 million copies in Japan, and more than 230 million in the rest of the world. Due to its popularity, it has been part of the most downloaded Mangas in history.

Top 25 Best Manga Comics

Best manga

Here is a list of the top 25 manga comics that have been created along the years. Among which, some continue with their stories today and others have already concluded.

25. Captain Tsubasa 

Available from 1981 to the present, this comic turned soccer into a trend in Japan, and became popular in the rest of the world thanks to its animated series. 

24. Kitaro

This manga lasted from 1960 to 1969. But even in our time it contains a social and humanistic essence that makes it last despite time. 

23. Azumi

Staying from 1994 to 2014, this manga recounts the experience and training of a murderer since her childhood. In addition to her involvement with a political system, which will place her in a difficult decision. In 2003 and then in 2005 the manga was adapted into a film version along with its sequel.

22. Yu Yu Hashuko

A classic that emerged in 1990 and whose anime series made it even more famous. Due to its excellent quality, this manga won various awards in Japan.

21. The Fist of the North Star

It is one of the most popular and influential manga that exists. Thanks to this unique story Japanese comics conquered the market in Europe and the United States. As it became one of the  favorites in the years from 1983 to 1988, more than 3 million copies were sold each week. 

20. Parasyte

It consists of one of the most witty manga to be created, as it relates the experience of a young man whose body is the host of an alien symbiote. It has won several awards for best manga in several years, and has been adapted into an animated series.

19. Mazinger Z

Published between 1972 and 1974, this manga has been one of the best ever published. His Anime series became a reference for thousands of people around the world, especially in the 70s. Thanks to this manga and its anime, millions of children around the world learned about robots.

18. Alita: Battle Angel

Published in 1990, this manga tells the story of a cyborg, who little by little, with the help of doctor Daisuke Ido, recovers her memory and her combat skills. In 2018, a live-action version of this manga was released.

17. Asa, The Executor

This manga work, made for adults, tells a plot based on the 19th century. It is inspired by a real-life character named Yamada Asaemon, who was a ronin in charge of equipping the shogun of the Tokugawa period with new swords.

16. I am a Hero

This manga is considered by thousands of people as the best manga in the zombie genre, it has been publishing stories since 2009 to the present. 

17. The sword of the immortal

It tells about the experiences of Manji, a samurai who won’t die and rest in peace until he kills 1000 evil men. It was published from 1993 to 2012, it also has a live-action film released in 2017.

16. Ranma ½

Relates the experience of a young martial arts expert who becomes a woman when he touches cold water, and reverses the effect when he does with hot water. The manga has more than 56 million copies worldwide, being one of the best of its kind.

15. Neon Genesis Evangelion 

Unlike other manga in this case the Anime version came first. However, the manga gained fame in many parts of the world. It is considered that, along with Mazinger Z, this comic served as a source of inspiration to create the movie Titans of the Pacific.

14. Cyborg 009

In this manga, we are told the story of 9 people who have been kidnapped and transformed into cyborgs. Since it emerged in 1964, there have been 3 animated series based on this manga. 

13. Slam Dunk

It is among the best-selling manga in history, with about 120 million copies. Thanks to the success of this manga and its anime series, a large number of Japanese children felt the desire to play basketball.

12. Black Jack

This is one of the darkest, most dramatic and deep manga. The story tells of Black Jack, who is a doctor who works outside the law in exchange for payments of large amounts of money.

11. Pluto

This manga saga is a tribute to the Astroboy version, the difference is that it is a darker and more sinister interpretation. 

10. The Knights of the Zodiac

Created in 1986, its success was resounding, and the animated series that subsequently emerged became one of the most famous throughout the world. This manga talks about several knights who have armor from the star constellations and fight to protect humanity from the forces of evil.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist

Created in 2001, this manga combines science, fantasy and alchemy. The comic was the winner of several awards and has 2 anime series and a live-action version.

8. Naruto

Created in 1999, it was positioned as one of the most popular and amazing manga of all time, it tells a story full of martial arts and ninja fighting. This manga has sold more than 220 million printed comics.

7. Astroboy

From 1951 to 1968, Astroboy was and still is one of the most popular Japanese stories. Due to the science fiction storytelling and superhero robot-boy stories on its pages, it has been very successful worldwide. 

6. Death Note

Created in 2003, this manga series tells the story of a book, the power of which is that, if a person’s name is written in it, he’ll die within 24 hours. It has a Live-action version produced by Netflix.

5. Adolf

With this masterpiece, the idea of ​​the horrors experienced during the Second World War is transmitted. This manga recounts the experiences of 3 men, 2 of them are friends and have the same name, while the third is Adolf Hitler. 

4. One Piece

It is considered by many to be the best manga of its kind. It has been published since 1997 to the present, being one of the oldest in existence. It has been the best-selling comic in history, with more than 450 million copies.

3. Akira

This is the most prestigious manga in history. It tells a story in which humanity recovers from a 3rd world war.

2.Dragon Ball

Since 1984, to the present, through Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, it is one of the most famous around the world. And it has thousands of followers who have made this comic the third best-selling comic of all time.

1. The lone wolf and his cub

In its plot we find samurai, ninjas, honor, and tragedy, in which the hitman Itto Ogami fulfills a mission with one of his sons. The influence that this comic had in Japan and other countries has been so great that it has significantly marked anyone who reads it. It has been adapted into a television series along with 7 films with real actors.

We hope this information is very useful for those who love Japanese comics. Without a doubt, Manga is an art that has revolutionized world culture, so we can read their stories and enjoy the best 25comics manga in history.

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