Compilation of the 20 Best Comics to Download

The different generations of comics have different kinds of copies that have been global successes. Passing through the ages of Gold, Silver, Bronze and the present day, each era brings the best quality in comics. Therefore, if you wonder which are the most outstanding comics you can read, in this article we will introduce you to a compilation of the best comics.

What is a Comic?

To make people know the best collection of comics that exist, we must first clarify what a comic is. Also known as cartoons or comic strips, comics are a series of images that, together, tell a story. These stories almost always come with small boxes in which the story is expressed in an orderly fashion, and these can be expressed with or without text. 

TOP best comics

The comic can be drawn by hand on paper or digitally, and it can range from simple stories, a full page, a magazine, or different volumes. These kinds of stories are available in most countries around the world, and all of them have different genres, such as action, science fiction, horror, etc.

Beginnings and History of the Comic

The ancient Egyptians mixed images with text through a reading process. With the advent of technology in the case of printing, the books used to educate children contained drawings. Already in the nineteenth century, newspapers contributed greatly to comic books were made multitudinous, exposing small comic stories in their media.

After the end of the First World War, comics began to be produced with a design similar to magazines. Above all, it was aimed at children and teenagers. This is how the famous superhero comic strips were produced, which still remain to this day. 

In our time, most of the comic productions have been adapted to the cinema, being a great investment on the part of the companies. In addition, thanks to technology, it has become possible for us to view the comics from our electronic devices in formats such as CBR and CBZ. 

Top 20 best comics ever

All those people who love comics have ever wondered what are the best comics that exist. Therefore, we have launched below a list that contains the best 20 comics that have emerged throughout history.

20. The Swamp Thing

Published in 1984, Swamp Thing is a huge success in the comic book industry. Drawn by Alan Moore, from DC Cómics, this work mixes different types of genres, such as terror, emotions and environmental movements, among others. In 2019, a Live-Action series of the character was released, which was produced by the Stream DC Universe service. 

19. Watchmen

If you are wondering what a world where superheroes are banned would look like, the Watchmen comic book series highlights this point of view. This work of art reveals the experiences of heroes such as Dr. Manhattan, The Comedian, and many others. It was published in 1986, and is able to fascinate all readers who are committed to reading its history.

watchmen comic

18. Daredevil Born Again

From Marvel Cómics publishing house, it was created in 1986. This story created by Frank Miller presents us how the life of one of the most characteristic characters of the house of ideas goes to ruin. Because Kingpin, Daredevil’s archenemy learns that the secret identity of the fearless man is Matt Murdock, he decides to destroy everything that is important to Matt, leaving him in ruins.

17. Habibi  

This exciting and heartbreaking story introduces us to the life of a young girl from a poor area of Syria. She was sold by her parents when she was just a child. When she married, her husband taught her practical lessons on how to defend herself in life. However, her situation was turned upside down when her husband was murdered. Although it is a long story, it is a fluent reading.

16. The Incal

It is a series of mystical adventures, in which the greatest comic book artists of Europe joined together to create one of the greatest allusions to science fiction. This comic book shows us the life of the detective John Difool, and his travels through different worlds. Its pages reveal an endless number of themes that would serve as forerunners to future editorial content.

15. The Dark Knight Returns 

This is the best comic book in the history of Batman. This is because it is present as the basis for many current adaptations. Such as the plot of the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan or the battle of heroes that occurs in Batman vs Superman.

In this work of art, we are told a story in which an almost 50-year-old Bruce Wayne puts back the mantle of Batman after 10 years of retirement. However, his darkness dominates him, making him a watchman to be feared.

14. V for Vendetta

This is a comic book that has been adapted to the film version, whose story consists of a United Kingdom led by a dictatorial government. Faced with this situation, an outlaw named V appears, whose intention is to fight against oppression. The comic is one of the greatest works Alan Moore has ever done.

13. Adventures of Tintin

Between 1929 and 1976 and even to this day, The Adventures of Tintin has been a series of comic books that have been maintained over the years. Thanks to these stories, thousands of children have been able to travel and dream about the most remote areas of the planet and space. And it has been the source of inspiration for many authors. 

12. Hellboy 

It is a series of comic strips created in 1993 and that continues today. Most of the people who know its history, owe it to the movies. However, the films cannot be compared with the comic book, as this is a true masterpiece.

11. Batman: The Killing Joke

Gotham City’s clown prince of crime is one of Batman’s most memorable villains. In this comic book, we are introduced to the fine line between good and evil, and the similarities between the dark knight and the perennial smiling villain of Gotham. In addition, the comic book not only serves to show the origin of the Joker, but also presents us with the changing circumstances that Batgirl faces.

10. Kraven’s Last Hunt

This last confrontation between Marvel’s iconic hero Spider-Man and his enemy Kraven the Hunter took place in 1987. It’s one of the most famous comic books, because the antagonist pushed the superhero’s capabilities to the limit, causing Spider-Man to find himself in serious trouble. Therefore, it is one of the best comics of all time.

9. Batman: Year One

Once the mega event Crisis in Infinite Lands occurred, it was necessary to give a restart to the origin of Batman. That’s why Frank Miller was in charge of this comic book. Thanks to this edition, we can visualize the origin story of the dark knight, and of a beginner Jim Gordon, who fights tirelessly against the corruption of the city. 

8. All Star Superman

In a comic that was designed in 2005, we are presented with a different story never told of the Man of Steel. The idea of this novel impression was to show a humanized side of Superman, in which the hero must deal with one of his biggest concerns: His death. This adaptation was released in an animated film in 2011.

7. 300

It is considered by many people to be the best work Frank Miller has ever done. In its pages, this comic book tells the experiences of 300 Spartan soldiers, who tried to face the Persian Empire, which had more than 1 million trained soldiers. 

6. Kingdom Come

In a world where superheroes are retired and have grown old, they return to the Justice League. This is the best future ever published in the stories of DC Comics. The Kingdom Come comic book was created in 1996 by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

5. Infinity Gauntlet

A story drawn in 1991, which is one of the best Marvel comics, telling the events in which the crazy titan Thanos uses the 6 stones of infinity in a glove to become the most powerful being in the universe. This story serves as a source of inspiration for the films Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

4. Civil War

This is an important event in the continuity of Marvel Comics, in which a civil war occurs between the heroes of the Marvel universe. The plot revolves around the division of the heroes regarding the government taking control of the superheroes. The film Captain America: Civil War is inspired by this comic.

3. Secret Wars

This is one of the biggest crossovers that exist in the Marvel universe. It is a revolutionary event, both in the continuity of comics, and in the economic sense for the company. Its success has been such that it has gone down in history as one of the best Marvel comics ever.

2.  Crisis on Infinite Earths

This is a series of 12 copies from 1985 in which the heroes of the multiverse of all DC stories to date would be brought together in one story. Due to an imminent destruction of the multiverse by a wave of antimatter, the heroes would have to join forces and fight the Anti-Monitor. This story serves as the basis for the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, a television event produced by The CW.

1. Flashpoint

It is a story that was released in 2011. Where Flash/Barry Allen manages to save his mother from being killed, but creates a new reality where there is complete chaos. By trying to fix everything, the hero realizes that although everything seems to have returned to normal, many things have changed. In this way, the DC universe took a radical turn, causing a complete relaunch of the publishing house called The New 52.

As we can see, the best comics in all history are innumerable, and everyone is free to choose his or her favorite comic. But the truth is, anyone can enjoy the great content that is available in the pages of a good comic book.

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