5 Apps to read comics and manga from iPhone or iPad

Many people’s passion for comics and manga has grown over the years. Although many comics are available in print, the vast majority of them are also available in digital format. This has become possible through comic book and manga reading apps on electronic devices, such as computers or phones. 

Comics for iOS

Although it is virtually possible to read comics that previously could only be read in print, we must know which are the best apps to do so. Surely we know some very useful applications available for computers and Android devices. However, in this article we will talk about the best apps available for iPhone or iPad.

What format do the comics have?

In order to give a detailed explanation of the best applications for viewing comics on an iPhone, it is of vital importance to know how comics work. Each of these digitized strips are compressed into a file extension. The type of format of this extension is called CBR or CBZ. 

Depending on the type of compression used, the file extension may vary. As it is a totally unique format, it cannot be opened with any application. It is necessary to download and install in our devices a program capable of decompressing the file and show in a simple and orderly way the succession of pages of the comic.

The type of program used on each device may vary, as the Windows operating system does not work the same way as Android or iOS software.  Because of this, someone with iOS software is likely to wonder: What are the best apps I could install on my iPhone or iPad in order to enjoy comics or manga?

Best free and paying apps for reading comics in iOS

There are a lot of applications capable of providing a unique experience in order to enjoy good comics. However, not all of them are always what you expect, and some may even be frauds. Therefore, this makes us suspect of different apps, among which there may be those that are useful. 

In this compilation of the top 5 apps that are capable of providing excellent services in iOS, you will find different types of apps. Some of them are free, while others turn out to be chargeable. And others offer the opportunity to download comics for free during a certain period of time as a trial.

Man reading magazine on tablet

In any case, all these apps provide great advantages. In addition, they represent a quality acquisition that we can count on at any time in order to visualize the best comics. Therefore, we present below a list with the best 5 apps to read comics and manga from an iPhone or iPad.

1. CloudReaders 

This is one of the best applications that allows you to view the best content of comics and manga from an iPhone or iPad device. This app is very useful because it reads files with the extension CBR and CBZ and it is able to read other file formats such as PDF, and compressed files such as ZIP and RAR.

The only possible disadvantage is that it has a very simple design. This is because it only shows the images of the comic and a blue line that indicates where you are located in the reading. Although its interface is very simple, that does not prevent it from executing its functions in the best possible way.

By double-clicking on the screen, the zoom mode is enabled. On the other hand, when the device is placed in rotation mode, the function that allows 2 pages to be displayed at the same time is enabled. 

How to Download CloudReaders?

Downloading this app is very easy, we just need to make sure that the software of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is iOS 6.0 or higher. Then we must open the Apple App Store and search for the application by the name CloudReaders PDF, CBZ, CBR. This way, we will see the option of free download. You can also access the app directly by clicking here.

2. Comic Zeal

Being an application available for the iPad, Comic Zeal is one of the most complete and well-known programs available. Thanks to this very useful tool, we can keep our collections organized through different types of folders and lists. In addition, it is a very dedicated App that strives to offer the best quality in reading CBR and CBZ formats.

Thanks to its last update, we can organize the comics and manga in files, different folders, or in favorites where we can easily locate our favorite strips. On the other hand, if you love the events and crossovers that companies like Marvel and DC have done, you can design reading lists to keep track.

With a cost of 5.49 euros, and designed for iOS devices with software 8.2 or higher, the advantages offered by this application are many. Therefore, we can say that it is an excellent option that can be taken into account if we want to read comics or manga from iPhone or iPad.

¿How to Download Comic Zeal?

In case you want to start enjoying the advantages of Comic Zeal, and you want to install it on your iPhone or iPad, the first thing you have to do is to go to the App Store. Then write the name of the application: Comic Zeal – Comic Book Reader. When you press the download button, the app will be installed on your device, and after a few minutes, you can start using it. 

3. Marvel Comics

In case you are a fan reader of comics whose protagonists are Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and many others, this is the right app for you. It is a program that has been designed by Marvel Entertainment, and has a very pleasant interface for readers. In addition, we can find more than 13,500 quality comics available to us.

Comics in iOS

The main feature of this app for devices with iOS 9.0 or higher, is the dynamic switching between its panels. Thanks to this, we can enjoy reading in a simple and pleasant way. As the app is easy to use, it turns out to be quite attractive. So, it proves to be a very useful application in case we want to read the Marvel comics stories. 

¿How to Download Marvel Comics?

In order to make the free download of this app, we must enter with our iOS software device in the App Store. Placing the name Marvel Comics should lead us to get the official application. Once located, we can click on install in order to download it on our device, either iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In case you want to locate it faster, you can click on this link.

4. DC Comics

If you are one of those people who prefer comics where the heroes are Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and many more, this program is the one you were looking for. This is the official application of one of the best known publishers in existence, as is DC Comics, and is available for all Apple branded devices.

Due to this amazing and free application, we can have unlimited access to the thousands of DC Comics comics that exist. Most of these comics are payable, but there are some that are free. 

Thanks to its elegant design so similar to comics, we can visualize the stories of our preference on the screens of our iPhone or iPad in a simple way. Currently, it is only available in English, and to install the app on our device, it must have iOS 9.0 software or higher.

¿How to Download DC Comics?

With many positive reviews and multiple advantages in its favor, we can easily download this excellent application from the App Store. We only need to write the name of the app: DC Comics, and it is fundamental to make sure it is the official program. Once inside, we just click on install and the download will take several minutes. This way, we can read the DC Comics. To quickly find the app, you can also click here.

5. ComicFlow

The latest application to be included in the top 5 apps for reading comics and manga from an iPhone or iPad is ComicFlow. Thanks to this program, we can import large collections to our device. It has a very attractive design and more than 1,500 comics of all genres. Therefore, it becomes a really useful app that we can install on our iPhone in order to read comics.

In addition to providing its users with support for reading thousands of files with CBR and CBZ extensions, it also allows them to read PDFs. One of its advantages is that, although it has an extensive media library, it does not hang or freeze at any time. The download of this program can be done for free on devices with iOS 6.0 or higher.

It has been able to provide an unprecedented experience to many users around the world. With its amazing interface it has been able to offer incomparable effectiveness. In addition, since it is a very lightweight application, it does not take up much storage space, which is a factor that makes it very useful.

¿How to Download ComicFlow?

If you want to install this program, which is only compatible with iPad, you must enter the App Store on your device. After that, you must search for the program by typing in “ComicFlow” and entering its section. Then you must click on install, and after the download starts you will be able to execute it in a few seconds due to the lightness of the program.

Thanks to the best apps for reading comics and manga on an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to make the most of the plot and entertainment offered by comics. We hope that these apps can be very useful. In this way, we will be able to visualize our favorite comics in the very useful electronic devices that we have at our disposal.

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