5 Apps to read comics and manga from your Android Mobile or Tablet

Reading of comic strips has grown significantly in recent times. Thanks to the digitization of millions of comics, anyone can use different apps to read comics and manga. Whether we have the file on our computer or on our mobile devices, such as tablets or phones, we can view the comic of our choice at any time.

Viewers for Comics in Android

What are the best apps that can help you read these types of files? This is a question that many people often ask themselves, since any ordinary application does not offer the extensive benefits that special apps do for reading comics offer. Due to this, in this article, we will talk about the best applications that we can download on our Android devices in order to read comics.

In which format do comics and manga come?

To get to know the best applications to read comics on our devices, we must know how they work. In addition to understanding what type of file the comics are compressed in. The file extension that digital comics are in is often referred to as the CBR or CBZ format. These are the most popular format classes, depending on the type of compression.

The first 2 acronyms of the CBR and CBZ format stand for Comic Book, and its third letter may vary depending on the type of compressed file in question. In other words, the CBR extension is derived from the compression of files RAR, and the CBZ extension is derived from the compression of ZIP files. 

When trying to open this class of files with a decompression app common, such as WinRAR, we will only open a set of consecutive images. However, if we open the CBR or CBZ files with an app designed for it, we can enjoy an orderly and understandable display of the comic found in said file.

The best free and paid apps to read comics on Android

Thanks to the applications, we have the possibility of reading countless books at our fingertips. However, apps for reading manga and comics provide an unprecedented experience. By using wearable technology to access our favorite comics, it will be easier and more practical to read and devour endless stories. 

On the net and in app stores we can find a large number of applications that fulfill the above mentioned function. Each app can be totally different from one another, some have tools that others don’t. On the other hand, some may be paid apps, while others are free. 

Another feature of applications that allow you to read comics and manga is that some have their own catalog of publications to read. While others only help to view comics in CBR or CBZ format and even PDF that we downloaded from other websites. What are the best apps to read comics on Android? Among the best, we can highlight 5 of them:

1. Marvel Comics

The first option on our list is the official application of La Casa de las Ideas. Thanks to this app, we can have access to 13,500 comics that contain the stories of characters like Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and many others. 

The app allows you to view comics in a simple way and has several tools that improve the experience of browsing the comic. This application is updated weekly so that users can enjoy the news that the Marvel Comics company brings. 

Marvel Comics App

The app has more than 5 million downloads, and is available for all those devices with Android 5.0 or higher. With its unique features, any user can enjoy a comic reading experience like no other.

How to download the official Marvel Comics app?

In order to avoid confusion, you must be sure to install the official Marvel Comics application, for this, you can write the name of the app. And when you are sure that it is the correct app, click on the button Install. To find the program directly you can also click here

2. DC Comics

If you are a fan of DC comics, and you want to have full access to all the content that this company offers, the official DC Comics application is ideal. With more than 1 million downloads, and the interaction of digital purchases of this app, anyone can immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of comics of this company.

Through this official app, lovers of DC comics will be able to download the company’s new comics that are emerging. Among his stories, we find the adventures of heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and many others. The app is constantly kept up to date, giving users the opportunity to read the most recent stories

How to download the official DC Comics app?

The process is quite simple, we must enter the Google Play Store and write DC Comics, there will be a long list, we just have to click on the icon that has the official DC logo. Then we press the button Install, the download will be carried out. If you want to find the app directly, you can click on this link.

3. Comixology 

With an official website, and an application available on the Google Play Store, Comixology is a digital giant when it comes to comics and manga. In its catalog we find more than 100,000 comics available, among which are graphic novels, comics from various publishing houses, such as the famous Marvel and DC, and countless manga comics.

Although this is a free app, the comics in the library must be purchased. In case you want to do a free trial of the application, you have 30 days available in which you can choose more than 10,000 comics at no additional charge.

This app has an offline mode, with which you can read the comics without having to be connected. When you buy a book in the app, it is immediately available on any device where you log in with your Amazon account. With a light download size and available for those devices with Android 5.5 or higher, Comixology is a good option to consider.

How to download Comixology?

You can enter the Google Play store to download the Comixology app. This has the name Comics and in its lower part Comixology is highlighted, so it is the official application, we just have to click on install. Doing it this way, by making the free download, we can buy endless comics that we can read at any time.

4. ComicRack

This is a free application that is available for all those devices that have Android 4.4 operating system. In the case of ComicRack Free, it is a totally free and lightweight application that allows you to enjoy any kind of comics that are in CBR or CBZ format. 

ComicRack also has a paid version that has some additional functions and costs $ 7.08 on Android devices. This version is also a very light app that we can install on our device, which will not take up much storage space. By using this application together with the version available for Windows you can automatically synchronize the comics on both devices. 

On the other hand, you have tools available that turn out to be very useful, such as screen zooming and automatic scrolling. It also has a mode that allows reading manga, inverting the way of reading. So it is an excellent option that we can consider when downloading the best apps on our cell phone or tablet.

How to download ComicRack?

In order to download and install the program on our mobile devices, we can enter the Google Play Store and in the search bar place the name: ComicRack. Both versions will appear automatically, both the free and the paid one, and we can choose between both. Then we will have to click on the button Install and as it is an application that does not take up much space, in a few seconds it will be installed on our device. So we can start using it.

5. Manga PLUS 

With more than a million installations, it has become one of the mobile apps that eases the reading of the most popular manga. In fact, many people often call this application Netflix of Manga. It is a very advanced app that offers a high-quality display of the best manga. It brings an included catalog of the most popular manga and known authors of this branch.

Among some of the best-known publications it contains are: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bakuman, and many others. On the other hand, it is constantly being updated with the newest content in manga that have been published in Japan. This way, fans won’t have to wait long to enjoy their favorite Japanese comics.

Manga Plus App

Another advantage of Manga PLUS is that it is available totally free for all those who wish to install it on their Android 4.4 or higher devices. It has a favorites section, where you can easily find the comics of your choice. And the company has announced that it hopes to launch products in Spanish in its next updates.

How to download Manga PLUS?

To get this app on our Android device, we simply have to access the application store of our device, and write in the search bar: Manga PLUS. When clicking on install, we must wait a few minutes for it to finish installing. And once it’s done, we can enjoy the entire manga catalog offered by said app.

In order to enjoy the best quality in this regard, we have an infinity of apps to read comics and manga from our Android cell phone or tablet. We hope that all this information will be of great use to visualize the best comics digitally. By taking advantage of all the means at our disposal, we can enjoy healthy and fun entertainment that is available on our electronic devices.

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